Switching to Seton

October 26, 2022

As of Oct. 25, 2022 we have switched from the curricula I designed for this year to Seton Home School Curricula. We did this for a couple of reasons: Airon wanted to see an actual report card for the end of his Senior year, and Ryon wants to attend public school next year. It has been my experience that in Volusia county, a Seton report card is considered valid for grade advancement without additional testing or consideration. I also know that the amount of school work done every day in Seton courses is similar to what is required in the public school system, with an emphasis on testing that I don’t personally use in my teaching.

In order to enroll both boys in Seton, I first went to the Seton website and selected their grades and coursework, and entered payment information. Seton then sent links to online testing and requested a writing sample to confirm that Airon and Ryon are both prepared to complete coursework on grade level (based on the grade levels I assigned). Both boys tested to their assigned grade levels.

Airon – 12th

Ryon – 9th

For Language 2 we were told

Please be aware that the Language 2 section of the test is an advanced grammar section. It is very common for students not to score well there, so don’t be concerned if that score is a little lower. It does not necessarily reflect that a student isn’t ready for high school. New students generally have to take our Fundamentals of Grammar course which helps improve skills in this area.

A Seton high school counselor will review your test results, writing sample, and transcripts. If the courses you selected seem to be a good fit based on that information, they will send the materials to the shipping department (unless you specifically requested a counselor call before shipping when you enrolled). If the high school counselor has any questions or suggestions concerning your course list, he will contact you to discuss that before he approves the materials. Contact is usually attempted by phone, but could be by email.

Since my boys have both been homeschooled since elementary school, and neither is requesting a Seton diploma, I was not required to send transcripts of their previous coursework.

Airon is taking these courses:

  1. American Government Online
  2. American Literature Online
  3. Calculus
  4. Chemistry
  5. Economics Online (1 sem)
  6. Personal Finance Online (1 sem)
  7. World Geography

Ryon is taking these courses:

  1. Algebra 1 Online
  2. Computer Literacy Online
  3. Fundamentals of Grammar Online (1 sem)
  4. Health: Nutrition
  5. Literature and Composition Online
  6. Personal Finance Online (1 sem)
  7. Understanding the Scriptures Online – (Seton requires that each student take one religious course at this grade level, and we chose Scriptures rather than a course on ‘Catholic Doctrine’ or one on ‘Morality and Church Fathers.’)