Senior Year

August 15, 2022

Today Monday, August 15 2022 is the start of my senior year of high school. During this school year, I’ll be learning from many different school books for my different subjects. This year just like the last year of school the subject I’m most looking forward to learning about is psychology although economics is a close second. Though this is my last year in school I’m excited to finally be done with school and start the next chapter of my life.

This past summer the question has been where to go and what am i going to do after high school. After pondering that question for a while I decide that I was going to go into the US Coast Guard and serve my country for 4-6 years. There are many reasons why I want to go into the military one is the low cost of living while in the military. With a low cost of living, I can put the vast majority of my income into investments and/or savings; so that when I get out I’d be able to buy a house and whatever else I might need for when I go back to civilian life. The reason why I chose the Coast Gaurd is for two main reasons one is that the Coast Gaurd doesn’t normally go off US soil so there’s a low chance of me being shipped off to war. My second reason as to why the Coast Guard is because a lot of my family in the past has gone into the different branches of the military and even though so much of my family has gone through the military non have gone through the Coast Guard, so I would like to be the first.