law answers

August 16, 2023


A. Should Dudley and Stephens be tried for murder?


B. As an attorney for Dudley and Stephens, what argument would you make on their behalf as an attorney for the government? What arguments would you make on the government’s behalf? 

Guilty/ Not Guilty

C. If they are convicted, what should the punishment be? 

Life in prison

D. What purpose would be served by convicting Dudley and Stephens?

They couldn’t commit murder again

E. What is the relationship between law and morality in this case was it morally wrong for Dudley and Stephens to kill Brooks? Explain your answer.

They did what any living thing would have done but that doesn’t make it right

F. Can an act be illegal, but the moral cannot act morally right, but unlawful explain?



A. All drivers must stop at a stop sign 


B. It is a crime to cheat on your tax return 


C. All citizens may vote at the age of 18 


D. Special government programs, Lend, money to minority-owned businesses at low-interest rates sometimes


E. Government officials may not accept gifts from people who want them to pass certain laws


F. Possession of marijuana is a crime 

In some states that is true


A. Why do you think the bystanders took no action

They were used to it by then

B. Did the bystanders commit a crime by not acting? Give your reasons

No, they might not have been morally right but they did not commit a crime by not interfering

C. Did the bystanders do the right thing

In my opinion no the bystanders did not do the right thing

D. Should the law hold citizens responsible for not helping in cases, such as this one?