Daily Plan 9-1-2022

September 1, 2022

Grammar from my Grammar and Language Workbook on page 63. The lesson was on adverbs. I had to underline the adverbs in the given sentences and then draw a line to the verb it was describing.

Vocabulary from my Active Vocabulary book on page 102. Chapter 15 Lesson 5. I had to fill in the missing meaning for the underlined word part in the given sentences.

Math from my Ultimate Guide to the Math Act book on page 24 Chapter 2 Lesson 4. the lesson was on percentages. the problems veried

preparing for the SAT and ACT on page 7. I took a little quiz to find out whether I should do the SAT or the ACT.

Read a chapter on How Money Works. The chapter started on page 73. The chapter talked about the 7 money milestones 1 Financial Education, 2 Proper Protection, 3 Emergency Fund, 4 Dept Management, 5 Cash Flow, 6 Build Wealth, and lastly 7 to protect wealth.