Chapter Two of Street Law

August 16, 2023

Chapter Two of “Street Law: A Course in Practical Law” by Glencoe, emphasis is on providing readers with a comprehensive overview of the U.S. legal system. This chapter delves into the fundamental aspects of the legal framework that governs the country.

Topics covered in this chapter often include an exploration of the structure of the court system, including the distinction between federal and state courts, as well as the hierarchy within each system. Readers are introduced to the concept of jurisdiction, which determines the authority of a court to hear a particular case. This understanding of jurisdiction is crucial as it establishes where a case should be litigated based on the subject matter and the geographical location.

Furthermore, Chapter Two typically delves into the roles and responsibilities of key participants in the legal process. This includes the functions of judges, who preside over cases and ensure proper application of the law, and attorneys, who represent parties involved in legal disputes. The chapter may also touch upon the broader concept of due process, highlighting the importance of fair treatment and adherence to established legal procedures.

Overall, Chapter Two aims to equip readers with a foundational understanding of the U.S. legal system’s structure and functioning. By familiarizing students with the basic elements of the legal system, this chapter sets the stage for a deeper exploration of legal concepts and principles as the course progresses.