what to do today

September 8, 2022

geography California. forensic science. I learned that I have an arch style my mom has a swirl and so does my grandmother how money works algebra 1. page B17 grammar page 51 talked about pronouns

Daily plan 9-2-2022

September 2, 2022

Grammar from my Grammar and Language Workbook on page 65. I did lesson 10 Prepositions. the lesson was about what prepositions are (prepositions show the relationship of a noun or a pronoun to some other word in the sentence). Vocabulary from my Active Vocabulary book on page 103. today I was still in the review …

US Political Party’s

August 29, 2022

American Nazi Party., National Renaissance Party White Patriot Party, Youth International Party The American Nazi Party (ANP) is an American independent neo-Nazi political party founded by George Lincoln Rockwell and headquartered in Arlington, Virginia.  No Rockwell founded the organization as the World Union of Free Enterprise National Socialists (WUFENS) but renamed it the American Nazi Party in 1960.[1] Since the …

Math Act

August 22, 2022

For math today I worked out of the “Ultimate Guide to the Math Act Second Edition”. The worksheet for today was chapter 2 lesson 2 “Mixed Numbers and Remainders”.

Introducing Harvey King’s Art

June 29, 2021

I was born in Kentucky and am strongly influenced by Folk Art. The honesty and passion of artists making art because they have something to say about the world around them is inspiring. Simple materials and creativity combine to make a bold statement. My work employs this approach. Each piece tells a story, makes a comment, or asks a question about the things that fill my life.

Introducing Sandra and SK Web Design

Image of SkWebconsulting website
June 29, 2021

Sandra King and Sarah Lynn Redding (sisters) work together to build websites and take care of business internet technology needs. We have been working with internet based technology and website design since 1998. Over the years we have helped OnLine Training, Inc. and other companies large and small to build and maintain an internet presence. …