August 31, 2022

Today I worked out of my Essential Math Skills workbook. the lesson today was about estimation and mental math. For the problems that it had me doing I had to estimate the answers and pick the most suitable answer based off of my own mental math.


August 29, 2022

I worked out of Ultimate Guide to the Math Act Today. I did lesson 2.3 (Order of operations and scientific notation). The lesson was teaching about PEMDAS which is parenthesis, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction.

Essential Math

August 24, 2022

Today I worked on lesson 2 out of the Essential Math Skills workbook. The title of this lesson was “Concrete and Abstract Problem Solving”. The lessons claimed that math problems come in two different types one being concrete and the other being abstract. Concrete problems are problems that are down-to-earth whereas an abstract problem is …

Math Act

August 22, 2022

For math today I worked out of the “Ultimate Guide to the Math Act Second Edition”. The worksheet for today was chapter 2 lesson 2 “Mixed Numbers and Remainders”.


August 18, 2022

The lesson that I did today in math was from my calculus book. It was lesson “0.2 Some Important Functions”. the lesson took me about 30 minutes took to go through and then I checked my work afterward. The lesson today was all about functions and finding as well as putting them on a graph. …

Math Act

August 17, 2022

Today for math I worked out of the Ultimate Guide of the Math act workbook. The lesson was about integers, prime numbers, and digits.

Essential Math Skills

August 15, 2022

Today the book was teaching me how to use the UnPAC process for math problems. There are 4 steps to the UnPAC process 1. to understand the math problem 2. to plan how to solve the problem 4. to attack the problem to find a solution to it and 4. to check your answer in …