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Introducing Harvey King’s Art

How do I describe my work? Well, I first need to list some of my hobbies. I have always enjoyed collecting things, especially toys. Since I’m not wealthy, most of the toys I have are used. They seem to have more character and a life of their own. I often get ideas from toys. I also collect building materials, hardware, and multiples of almost anything that looks like it could one day be part of a work of art. These objects can be taken out of context and recombined to tell a story. Story telling is what all good art does. My work asks the viewer to get involved in the story.

I was born in Kentucky and am strongly influenced by Folk Art. The honesty and passion of artists making art because they have something to say about the world around them is inspiring. Simple materials and creativity combine to make a bold statement. My work employs this approach. Each piece tells a story, makes a comment, or asks a question about the things that fill my life.

I’ve been involved in teaching in the Arts for over 25 years. I’ve taught college, high school, and middle school. I’ve worked in professional theater as a carpenter, sculptor and designer. Set design and construction, drawing, painting and sculpture are the tools I use in my art. I’ve been making art and doing shows for over forty years. Using my crafty hands and somewhat satirical sense of humor allows me to make sculptures that poke serious fun at life’s issues.

My ideas come from my daily experiences. I have four sons ages seven, eleven, thirteen, and twenty-one. My wife is a wonderful and supporting partner. She does say I watch too much news on the TV though. I explain that it’s just research for my art, but I don’t think she totally believes it. My teaching career is very consuming, but I enjoy teaching art and working with young aspiring artists. The teaching profession as of late has been a bit stressful with schools cutting back on the arts and positions being excised. I’ve been moved to four different schools in the last four years. Hopefully this will be my last move and I can finish my last five years at Pine Ridge High school. After retiring from teaching I plan to go back to being a full time artist.

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Introducing Sandra and SK Web Design

Sandra King and Sarah Lynn Redding (sisters) work together to build websites and take care of business internet technology needs. We have been working with internet based technology and website design since 1998. Over the years we have helped OnLine Training, Inc. and other companies large and small to build and maintain an internet presence.

Of course as with all contractors and all companies, we can only do as much as we are given permission by each company, and each company will have their own philosophies, goals, and needs which will help to shape their website.

Some websites that we have recently worked with are:

  • Florida Real Estate School which is a site almost completely run through their e-commerce program (Open Cart) which we modified to allow enrollments directly into their online courses and their online courses (link goes to a demo course) using SCORM in a E-Learning program called Moodle.
  • OnLine Training, Inc., where we manage their Moodle installation which holds their online courses, have installed an online database driven helpdesk, (which allows the tracking and management of service help requests whether they come in by phone, email or through the online app.) and and what they call their Enrollment Center, which is a heavily modified version of OpenCart that takes student registrations and manages authentication and enrollments of their students whether they register directly with OLT (OnLine Training) or one of their many online partners (Colleges which offer OLT courses) or resellers (companies who sell OLT courses) and affiliates (websites which link to OLT products and receive a commission from referred sales).

Please contact us and let us know how we can help you with your Website needs.